Your Loctician ... Your Stylist

Diana D  -----With great Experience-----Now serving Atlanta GA, 2013----- 

Diana D. has worked in the beauty and Hair industry for Over 7 years. She regularly styles hair for locals and celebrities. Dedicated to her clients day in and day out.  She even goes out her way to bring her service's to you! 


 Originally from New York,  Started in Dallas TX, Now servicing " HOT Atlanta". It all started with me  years ago when I started to grow my Deadlock's. It was a sense of freedom a sense of naturalness. I had to grow into me all over again and accept me for who God created so Awesomely. It's a true pleasure  to share my knowledge and my talents with others. I Stepped out on faith 7 years ago and had not had to look back or raised my prices base off my circumstances. Thur my success in life I am so grateful and thankful for each one of my clients they are my true teachers, My clients teaches me something new each time thank you!" 


 "I do not use any glues or other harmful products which damage hair. My methods are all natural and I am a perfectionist when it comes to my clients loc's!  I like to take a creative approach and try new ideas that have not been done before. I have a world wide client base.  All hair textures are welcome."

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