Pre-made Dreadlock Extensions Pre-made Dreadlock Extensions

 All Dreadlock Extensions are Pre-Made with Human hair

They are available in all colors and sizes. Each Dread is hand stitched to create your own custom look. We can Installed them or you can order and they will be shipped within two weeks.  

Please e-mail any custom orders you may have to WWW.DREADHEADLOCKS@GMAIL.COM  and we can supply as many or as little of the dreads that you need. 

#1 Pick Color and size

#1 Pick color & size 

#2 Installment

#2 Install locs

# 3 Dread Extensions

#3 Dread Extensions


#1 Pick color & size


#2 Install Locs 

Dread Extensions

#3 Dread Extensions